Welcome! I’m Cartez, Owner and CRO Specialist of Collabanize. I created Collabanize after spending weeks trying to find relevant guest posting opportunities for my blog and several of my clients.

About Collabanize

Collabanize focuses on helping bloggers connect with content creators actively looking for writers or contributors.

Collabanize started off as a user-submitted platform but was changed into a simpler weekly updated database. This change allowed us to eliminate the problem with fake submissions and spam.

The platform allows you to see a list of websites with public collaboration opportunities categorized by niche and domain authority. The current collaboration opportunities are website contributions, guest posting, and blog writing.

The Mission

Make it easier for bloggers to collaborate.

These days, it is difficult to find others for project collaborations.
These days, people usually forget to follow-up with others online.
We want to make things easier for you.

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