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1,000+ active niche websites looking for guest posts or guest writers.

Why Use Collabanize?

You can save hours of time looking for websites with blog posting opportunities. We can help you get started with your project by providing you with websites relevant to your goal. If you don’t have the resources or don’t know where to start, you may want to our database as a starting point.

This is one of the reasons to use the Collabanize database.

What's inside?

A growing database of niche websites accepting guest posts or writer contributions.

Access to niche websites

We have done the boring part so you don’t spend time and money doing research. We have a growing database of public websites allowing guest posts and writer contributions.

Current Niches: Food, Fashion, Finance, Fitness, Home & Garden, Parenting, Lifestyle, DIY, Health, Self Improvement, Travel, Gaming, Technology, Education & Career, Pets & Animals, LGBTQ, and Black & Minority.

Collaborate with others

Find other potential ways to grow your blog by connecting with creatives looking for website collaborations for their blog projects.

Get your blog noticed

Let others know that you’re looking for collaboration by joining our database. You can contact us here.

Lifetime Database Access

$99 $39

  1.  Lifetime access with 1 year of updates
  2.  1,000+ blogs (and growing!)
  3.  Filter by niche and domain authority
  4.  Get notified of new website additions
  5.  Save about 25 hours of blog research

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Collabanize for me?

If you’re a blogger, marketer, or creative, you’ll find some value in Collabanize.

Will I get access to the updates?

Yes! You’ll get access to 1 year of updates and will be notified of our big updates. We add new websites each month.

Why is this so cheap?

This is a digital product made for bloggers to help bloggers grow after they’ve created some content. We want to keep things affordable while allowing us to make a small profit. As the database grows, we’ll increase the price for new members.

Why is this so expensive?

It takes many hours researching websites for relevant activity and domain authority. Our current price is a great investment as it will save you many hours of boring Google research. You should get several collaboration opportunities.

What form is Collabanize in?

It’s in the form of an Airtable database. Airtable is very similar to Excel / Google Sheets.

Can I share Collabanize's content?

No. You’re not allowed to share this database publicly. Read our Terms & Conditions.

Can I get an invoice?

Definitely! Click the “Generate” button on the receipt from Gumroad after your purchase. You’ll have the option to generate a detailed invoice.

Who's behind this digital product?

I’m Cartez and you can read more about me and Collabanize here.

I have a technical support issue. What's wrong?

If you are having a payment issue, it’s likely Gumroad may be blocking your country or IP range. Please try a VPN or contact me and we can figure something out.

Can I preview Collabanize first?

Yes. Subscribe here and we’ll send you access to our sample database.

Are you aware that you have over 1,100 websites now?

Yes. We are aware that Collabanize has grown tremendously. For the moment, we are overdelivering and keeping the price low. These third-party blogs are always changing, so we want to provide you with extra blogs just in case.

How are you collecting so much data?

It’s a slow and manual process of searching for active niche websites that are asking for guest posts or writer contributions. It takes a few hours to gather about a dozen websites.

Do you plan to add more niches?

Yes. Whenever we have 25+ websites available for a new niche, we’ll add it to Collabanize. We are working on adding different niches and updating the current niches. We are focusing on the quality instead of the quantity.

Can I get a refund?

No. Collabanize is a digital product, an Airtable database, that provides all the downloadable data once purchased. Please subscribe to get access to the preview database.

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