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Get 250+ handpicked blogs in need of guest posts.

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Now you can do the important stuff and not waste time searching through blogs.

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Get what you need to start connecting with active high-quality blogs.

Find new blogs

From startups to small businesses to nonprofit organizations. We know their needs and we want to get you to them.

See who's a good fit

Know which blogs are a good fit for your goal. We do this for you, by providing filterable data about the blog.

Access exclusive lists

We keep our prices high to keep prevent over access to the lists, and to stop the spammers. We don’t want an overused list.

We manually check more than 8 points of data for each blog to maintain high-quality lists.

Blog data

We list the blog name, URL, niche, and main language.

Domain authority

We also check for the current domain authority of the blog. 

Activity level

See if the blog’s activity is high, normal, or low.

Hand picked

All information is collected and verified by hand. Over 45 hours of manual research.

Public data

Every single data point is from public information. No sneaky tactics were used.


We spend hundreds of dollars every month to keep the data accurate and organized.

Focus on growing your network

Spend more time on your content and less time on research.

250 Blogs

250+ list of blogs


  1.   List of 250+ blogs
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  3.   Filterable lists
  4.   Export CSV functionality
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500 Blogs

500+ list of blogs


  1.   List of 500+ blogs
  2.   Get instant access
  3.   Filterable lists
  4.   Export CSV functionality
  5.   No monthly fee

1,000 Blogs

1,000+ list of blogs


  1.   List of 1,000+ blogs
  2.   Get instant access
  3.   Filterable lists
  4.   Export CSV functionality
  5.   No monthly fee


Why should I use Collabanize?

It’s easier to buy a managed list of blogs than spending hours a week searching for blogs on Google!

We want you to succeed! We focus on quality instead of quantity. We collect data by hand to ensure validity.

Why is this so expensive?

It takes many hours researching blogs for relevant activity and domain authority. Our current price is a great investment as it will save you many hours of boring Google research. You should get several collaboration opportunities.

What form is Collabanize in?

It’s in the form of an Airtable database. Airtable is very similar to Excel / Google Sheets.

Can I share Collabanize's content?

No. You’re not allowed to share this database publicly. Read our Terms & Conditions.

Can I get an invoice?

Definitely! Click the “Generate” button on the receipt from Gumroad after your purchase. You’ll have the option to generate a detailed invoice.

Can I get a refund?

No. Collabanize is a digital product, an Airtable database, that provides all the downloadable data once purchased. Please preview our list before making any purchases.

I have a technical support issue. What's wrong?

If you are having a payment issue, it’s likely Gumroad may be blocking your country or IP range. Please try a VPN or contact me and we can figure something out.

How are you collecting so much data?

It’s a slow and manual process of searching for publicly accessible blog data. We look for a few important data points before adding a blog to the list.

Why is a blog on the list not loading?

These are third party websites that we do not control. We do our best to maintain these lists but some blogs shut down. This is why we will usually provide extra blogs each month to be over our minimum.

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